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Colorado Lottery TV

TV commercial for the Colorado Lottery


Colorado Lottery Multiplier Scratch TV

Our goal with this was to position Multiplier Scratch as a fun way to potentially win some money. In contrast to the ever changing, volatile unknowns of crypto currency investments, the scratch ticket seems relatively low risk. Plus this allowed us to have some fun with character development and crack a few jokes. That’s just it, a joke.

My Role: Concept & Ideation / Art Direction


It’s Just a Joke, Guys

Below are some actual comments from the crypto community on twitter. Real comments, fake names.

“This made me feel physically ill.”


“This is incredibly backwards.”


“To add insult to injury they threw a glasshole in there.”


“It's really sad.”


“I'm tempted to put up a python notebook showing DCA across cryptos, stocks, fiat, metal.“


“Pretty amazing that this is fricken legal.”


Crypto is the greatest innovation in human history.”


“How much is the respect of a sheep worth to a wolf?“


“WOW....this is terrible.”


“That was painful to watch.”


“This seems predacious.”


“This is multi level mind control fuckery.”



CREDITS  -  Agency: Cactus |  Creative Director: Jim Morrissey  |  Writer & Creative Partner: Shea Tullos  |  Director: Aleysa Young of Community Films | Edit: 11 Dollar Bill