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Odell Packaging

Packaging design for Odell Cloud Catcher IPA


Odell Packaging

I had the pleasure of art directing two different can and 6-pack boxes for Odell Brewing CO. Cloud Catcher and Sippin’ Pretty.

The idea for Cloud Catcher was to give purpose to the name beyond describing the beer’s mouthfeel and taste profile. We wanted to personify the “cloud catcher” while using colors that scream off shelf and reflect the unique color profile inside the can. So we created a legend.

Sippin’ Pretty is made with lots of different tropical fruits found all over the world. But Odell is proudly Coloradan, so to strike that balance the can design features flora and fauna found in Colorado. A way to pay homage to Colorado while coming off surprisingly tropical. The hummingbird gives meaning to the name as it is sippin’ on something pretty.

My Role: Art Direction & Concept


CREDITS | Agency: Cactus  |  Creative Director: Jim Morrissey  |  Copywriter: Julie Winch  |  Illustrator: Mona Caron