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Westfax Brewing Co

Brand identity and packaging for Westfax Brewing

Westfax brewing co

WestFax is a brewery that doesn’t exactly follow the rulebook when it comes to their beer. To them, an IPA doesn’t have to be hoppy, stouts don’t have to have a certain color profile and great craft beer doesn’t have to abide by strict rules. We celebrated WestFax’s unorthodox, no rules approach to brewing through historical characters who didn’t follow rules either. After all, it takes a rebel to do things differently. The visuals harken back to a time when people were wild, free, innovative and rebellious. The logo, type, colors and imagery were inspired by colonial and western Americana. 

My Role: Design / Illustration / Concept / Photography

CREDITS | Branding Work: Freelance | Campaign Work -  Agency: Fear Not  |  Creative Director: Jorge Lamora  |   Copywriter: Mike King